Curt Troutwine

Audiobook Narrator

California's Grand Bordello House Madam

Written by Alton PryorNarrated by Curt Troutwine

Sally Stanford was a bawdy house madam like no other. She put her houses of prostitution in the most upscale area of San Francisco and charged her customers accordingly. She paid her girls the top wages of the industry and helped them deal with their problems along the way. Sally didn't hesitate to fight the powers that be in city hall and other branches of government.

By Jay LittleNarrated by Curt Troutwine

Maybe--tomorrow, by Jay Little (pseudonym for Clarence Lewis Miller) published in 1952* based in the confusing latter part of his teenage years, tells the story of the introverted and forlorn Gaylord LeClarie coming to terms with the world around him and who he is. Gaylord must navigate everything from sex, his own sexuality and his own gender identity. friendship, Love and self-acceptance in a sometimes hostile world... - Summary by Curt Troutwine